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Why NOW is the right time to invest in SEO!! (Our 5 Top Tips)

1 October 2021

Why NOW is the right time to invest in SEO!! (Our 5 Top Tips)

I talk about visibility all the time with my clients as it’s such a vital element of business success.

If your super customer doesn’t know you exist, how are they going to buy your products or services? You can find more information about online visibility HERE.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound affect on many small businesses.

Many of us wonder what the future will hold. However, while we recognise there has been a massive downturn in business for some sectors, other industries have seen an increase in revenue. What have they done differently?

Adapt your business

The first action step I take with new clients is to discover who their ideal client is. There may be a few fluctuations thanks to the coronavirus, but at the core, your customers will still be the same. How you continue to serve them, is what helps you stand out from the crowd.

If you have to convince a client of your worth and your value! They are not your ideal client. Don’t focus on the ‘too expensives’. Don’t convince anyone you are the right fit them. There are plenty of ideal clients who will think ‘that’s reasonable’ in reference to your pricing.

Your ideal client doesn’t need convincing. They see you, they see your value, they see the difference you make. When they find you, they will be prepared to pay! They will be prepared to pay for you to solve their biggest issue.

When the issue is large enough, when they find the right person to solve the issue, cost isn’t an issue.

Remember your worth
Remember your value
Remember your experience
Remember you qualifications
Remember the difference you make

Don’t under value yourself and your services.

Ensure the “that’s reasonable’s” find YOU!

Be clear on your ideal client, adapt your ideal client to your business as it is now and ensure your are found.

That is what SEO is all about, being found by that total ideal client who is already out there looking for you and you services.


My Top Tips!

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How can you adapt your business to match the needs of your super ideal customer?

Here are a few of the SEO Angel’s top tips for you:

  • Be honest – none of us are clear of how the pandemic is going to have a lasting effect on our economy. Letting your clients know what’s going on with your business will keep the lines of communication open.
  • Update, update, update – keep your customers up to date with news of your services and products. Even if you’ve had to close your doors temporarily, it’s wise to stay in contact, so your clients don’t forget you and go elsewhere.
  • Stay visible –visibility is key. SEO is key. Share regular content by way of blog posts, social media content, or website updates. Keep your business at the forefront of your customers’ mind.
  • Go virtual – some clients may still not be happy or feel safe with face to face, so offer both. Look at moving any workshops and networks online, also offer hybrid events. Share how-to videos of your products or services.  Can you package one of your products or services for online delivery, or offer bundles to up-sell?
  • Be different – there have been so many innovative ways to keep customers engaged and attract a new audience. There was a fabulous email shared on LinkedIn by an independent hotel who have used the lockdown to re-furbish. The owner shared highlights, fun anecdotes, and the ongoing process with his audience, thereby keeping the hotel in mind for many looking for a getaway once restrictions lifted. A play on words may allow you to use your brand or business name in a fun way that provides humour alongside the support. By looking for a unique angle, you can boost your businesses profile and have a memorable impact.


Why SEO is so important

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There are many other ideas you could use to adapt your business, but an essential piece of advice is:

invest in your SEO.

SEO as I have already mentioned basically means, your ideal client is out there searching for a solution to a problem.

Make sure they find you, rather than your search competition.

SEO provides that regular consistent income.

At SEO Angel we do not focus on SEO alone in terms of organic search traffic, we SEO your whole business from the ground up! We help you build strong business foundations. Our experience tells us, this attains the best results. So what steps can you take to improve your visibility?


Improve Your Visibility!

E-Commerce has seen a steady rise as we continue to shop online. It’s encouraging to see sales increasing and businesses thriving once again.  Having an SEO strategy in place is essential to improve the visibility of your goods and services, and it’s worth noting that by using SEO you are ten times more likely to convert a lead into a sale than by using any other form of web traffic.

Think about the panic buying that took place at the start of the pandemic. Although toilet paper is now back on our shelves (thankfully), some other products and services are selling out faster than they can be produced. Scarcity feeds sales. By implementing a solid SEO strategy, you can place your product and service in front of a willing audience. A great example is afternoon tea boxes. There are small bakeries across the country now delivering boxes of goodies as we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and national holidays at home. Using SEO to leverage your brand will encourage more messages of ‘sorry, sold out this week.’

As a business owner, I understand that times have been hard, and money may be tight.

Spending money on advertising may have dropped to the bottom of your marketing and sales to-do list.

Interestingly, Google search ads lost 7% of their impressions from January 13th to March 9th 2020. SEO, however, saw a sharp upward trend during the same period.


SEO is a Smart Investment

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SEO IS a smart investment. Your super customers are buying and searching online, and YOU want to be at the forefront of their mind when it’s time to buy! Don’t you?

Sharing regular SEO rich content is a cost-effective strategy for any business, but how can you do this?

  • Regular content – it’s no good sharing for sharing sake. Your content needs to be of interest to your audience, identify your ideal client, thoroughly! address their pain points, and offer solutions. Hopefully, your super customer has stayed with you throughout the pandemic, but what about new potential clients? You need to start building trust into that virtual relationship, so they remember you and become one of your loyal customers in the future. Building trust means sharing honest, authentic, and relevant content.
  • Drop the sell, sell, sell campaigns – it’s never a good idea to go for the hard sell as this will discourage people from buying or working with you. As consumers, we want to be wooed. Avoiding the sales campaign at the moment, and opting for a more supportive and comforting approach will eventually manifest into sales further down the line. We will remember who helped us and how it felt to feel supported. Offering advice, tips, guidance, and helpful answers are more relevant to your audience.
  • Answer those queries – if your customers are asking questions, create content that offers them the answers. The ‘how-to cut your own hair’ is a perfect example during those recent lockdowns. An accountant sharing content about the self-employed government fund will attract new clients due to the helpful nature of the tip.
  • Unsure what those questions are? Use a tool such as ubbersuggest to investigate and research the most searched for questions and queries in your area of expertise. Offer up those answers to those questions as you know they are being searched for!
  • Update your Google My Business page – don’t neglect this free resource, it’s a perfect platform for keeping your customers aware of any changes to your opening hours.

SEO will remain the number one marketing tool to drive traffic to your website and convert leads into sales of your products and services.

Investing in SEO now gets you to the front of the queue when your ideal client is buying. Be ahead of the competition and make that investment today.


Need More Help

Business Visibility Strategy Session | SEO Angel | Andrea Rainsford

Ideal Client 90 Minute Strategy Session

Why do you need an ideal client?

To obtain high converting clients, that is clients who are already out there searching for your solution to their problem. As a small business owner you need to be very clear who you help, how you help them and what the outcome is.

My role as a SEO consultant is to ensure that the people you most want to work with find you over your search competition. The first step is to ensure you understand who you want to work with and why.

Why are they your total ldeal client?

How do they search?

How do they buy?

How do they find you?


SEO Bespoke Visibility Audit

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Discover all of the issues facing your business visibility.

A comprehensive SEO Visibility Audit will review every inch of your site to identify the glitches that stop you grabbing those Google rankings and high converting clients!
Competition for those vital search engine hotspots is bigger than ever, so your audit will tell you why your website traffic or conversions have dropped. Your own bespoke report will guide you to transform those issues and problems to opportunities, to propel you to visibility. Thus increasing your rankings and those all-important sales.


The Ultimate 1:1 SEO Consultancy and Strategy Programme

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Our clients put their heart and soul into their business, and wish to reach those who need their services most. They’ve reached a growth plateau, they receive the majority of their clients from recommendations and are looking for a way that will help them not only transform the way their potential clients find them, but the way their potential clients engage with their services too.

In this programme, we take you through seven sequential steps. After the programme has finished, you will be in a position where your business, your website and social media profiles are generating leads from your ideal clients.