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SEO Angel is a professional award-winning SEO Consultancy that offers bespoke professional visibility services.

Our award-winning strategies are proven and deliver high converting leads and increased visibility and revenue for our clients, not only increased search traffic.

SEO Consultancy Bespoke Services

An SEO consultant is responsible for the planning, implementing, and managing your business’s overall SEO strategy in order to improve your online presence.

We follow the following steps to provide a bespoke SEO Consultancy to your service business:

Business Strategy Analysis & Business Structure Session

Business Plan and Goals and Objectives Session

Target Audience and Understanding Target Market Session

Ideal Client Strategy

Ideal Client and Keyword Research

SEO Strategy Research

Competitive Analysis

SEO Strategy Implementation Training

SEO Content Planning Training

Our ethos is to deliver results; we are in the results business.

Our role as your SEO Consultancy is not simply to deliver traffic to your website, our role is to deliver high converting traffic to your website.

Testimonial -

Working with Andrea from SEO Angel is an absolute pleasure and she is my first point of contact for any SEO requirements. She is professional, knowledgeable, flexible and friendly. Andrea will be my only point of contact for SEO Consultancy, which is a vital element for both of our Baby Show sites, as competition to each show continues to grow for our events year on year

Claire Smith

Marketing Manager - The Baby Show

SEO Consultancy Programme

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SEO Consultancy Results: The Baby Show

SEO Consultancy Client since 2016



20/21 34% Increase in Organic Search Traffic – Even in a Pandemic Year that has hit Events hard



Up 31K on the previous 12 month period

Which SEO Consultant should you hire?

Which SEO Consultant should you hire?

Questions to ask your SEO Consultancy

What type of clients have you worked with?

Are you able to demonstrate your past results?

How will you improve my visibility and search engine rankings?

Are you up to date with the latest algorithm changes?

How will you share with me the changes you plan to make to my site?

How do you plan and priorities work?

How do you measure the success of your SEO Campaigns?

Which SEO Tools do you use?

How will you communicate with me and my business?

How often will you report on your work and what will it look like?

How will your work tie into our other marketing efforts?

Why should we hire you?

Testimonial -

Andrea's programme has got me so much new work that I've had my best 2 years ever. I've become so busy, I've had to take someone on to help me, and I'm ready now to take my practice to even dizzier heights. Not only is she ridiculously clever when it comes to online visibility, her grit and determination is off the scale. Andrea is not just my SEO lady. She's my friend, my inspiration, and my business coach too. I honestly can't recommend working with her highly enough if you're looking to take your business to the next level.

Hannah Charman

Physic Health Consulting

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